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We understand startups

Since early 2008, The founders of White Icon have worked solely with startups in the technology space. Our goal has always been the delivery of stable and scalable software, but our involvement and value has always extended well beyond that.

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From concept to consumer

We view building your software as an experience and not a job. The experience of working with like-minded people, learning new and amazing things from them, and experiencing first-hand someone else’s passion. Embracing all of this, we work diligently bringing in our own knowledge to ensure that your ideas make it to your audience in the way you originally envisioned.

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Passion drives us

We have been studying and working on, or with startups for almost over a decade. We are the guys drinking Redbull at 4 a.m. because we had a great idea how to improve a user experience. Helping startups succeed is genuinely what drives and excites us.

“Darren and Mike's experience in the startup process, and most importantly their technical expertise in developing the platform, was instrumental to dealcloser's launch and continued growth.”

- Amir Reshef, CEO, dealcloser

What Sets Us Apart

Ultimately, we are programmers and our main objective is to deliver a high quality user experience built on bullet-proof code. That’s the easy part. Unlike many other companies, we focus solely on startups - understanding their unique needs in an environment of uncertainty, and lighting a path to viability through proven processes.

When we take on a project, we don’t just hand it off to developers that are available. Our company focuses 100% of our efforts on it exclusively, and your software becomes our baby during it’s life here.

From the moment we start the analysis phase to the delivery of the final product, you can rest assured that we are pouring our hearts and soul into your product, because your success is ultimately our success, and that’s why we do this.

We know that during the initial build of your new software, stuff is going to change - that’s the reality of the startup world. While some companies discourage this, we embrace it by employing a carefully controlled change management process, resulting in less wasted time and a better final product.

Most Startups all have one thing in common. They don’t have an unlimited source of time and money. Getting your final product in the hands of your users is ultimately the most important thing you need to do.

We, help you achieve this by;

  • Bootstrapping.

    Bootstrapping is one of the most important words in the startup world. Not only does it help you ship your product faster and with far lower cost, but it ensures that your final product is built on a well tested foundation.

  • Trimming the fat.

    We’ve helped many companies launch products and in doing so, we’ve paid very close attention to what parts of the initial product really matter and what simply doesn’t. We provide experience and information along the way as to what we believe is and isn’t required to ship a valuable product.

  • Seeing the future.

    We have adopted startup principles from renowned industry leaders, and through extensive experience they help us foresee what can (and often does) happen during the creation of software.

Being a small software development company has it’s advantages, and one of them if our ability to be extremely lean and flexible. This can also extend to how we charge for our services.

While we are inheritably less expensive than most software companies thanks to our controlled minimum costs, we also offer a unique equity payment option to even further lessen your development costs.

While each case is unique, many times we are able to offer reduced rates in exchange for minimal equity in your company.

The benefits of this are:
  • Build your product on a fixed budget.
  • Extend your available budget for a more robust final product.
  • You gain a permanent partner with a vested interest.

Chat with us to see if this option makes sense for your needs.

"Their services give us the flexibility to scale as needed. They understand what it means to deliver - technically, and professionally."

Matt Utterback, Co-Founder, eKitabu

Your Path To MVVVP

We can’t stress the importance of defining, tracking and staying on a path to ensure consistent, predictable results when building your initial product, but even more important is defining the products MVVVP in the first place.

While many people of heard of an MVP, we believe Guy Kawasaki said it best when he extended the popular MVP to MVVVP. Your Minimum Viable Valuable Validated Product.

These are the important phases of this process;

What We Do

Aside from the experience and knowledge we bring to the table assisting startups build their sustainable business around their products, our core service is software development. We stick to what we know best, and what we know best are;

Web Applications

If your startup technology is a building a better mousetrap, we may not be the right fit for you, unless that mouse trap needs to integrate with a blockchain or an IOT platform.

While our skillset extends well beyond just web applications, this is the space we love to focus all our attention on to ensure we’re the best we can be. There’s no jack of all trades at White Icon.

Mobile Apps

As the world turned mobile, so did we. We have built several mobile applications for large scale software solutions, and love the challenge of taking complex interfaces and turning them into wonderful mobile experiences.

White Icon specializes in cross-platform mobile technologies, delivering your app to both Apple and Android markets in half the time.

CTO Consulting

Sometimes before and sometimes after your startup has built it’s technology, you still require the assistance of a CTO in the room.

We offer CTO Consulting services for startups that have the business acumen, but need some assistance managing the technology.